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Delay Recording

edited May 2011 in Support
Is there any way to delay when the recording starts? That way, I can have time to put the window into fullscreen before it starts.


  • That would make for a good feature request!

    You'd have to use some kind of macro-running external program to do this at the moment, but I have never done it and know of none to suggest.

  • Okay. I will just use the window option, nut that will be a good idea for the 3.0 release. Good luck!
  • edited May 2011

    If you are using the window option (which I use just about exclusively now) be aware that there is a bug in the measurement routine that is adding a pixel to the size you make the window.

    As I use Sizer to set the window size to 1280X720, I ACTUALLY have to set it to 1279X719 (then when the beta adds the pixel, it comes out correct!) This is very important with many codecs that require your video be even divisions of 2 (Xvid and others) or 4 (DivX and some others, I forget which).

    You can get Sizer at http://www.brianapps.net/sizer/ - there is a video in the playlist (did you find those?) that I made that shows how to install it and even how to save sets of settings. http://camstudio.org/forum/discussion/630/how-to-use-camstudio-video-tutorials-now-available-at-youtube

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