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URGENT: How To Record Audio From Speakers ?
  • I'm using Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 and CamStudio Recorder v2.6 release r294.

    I've tried to follow this instruction: http://camstudio.org/faq.htm#Audio

    But I don't know how to find this 'Stereo Mix' thing. Where to find it?

    BTW, I dont have the volume icon appear in my taskbar. Duno why

    Can you guide me step-by-step how to fix this please?
  • There is a video series referenced in the sticky posts up top that have some training on how to set up stereo mix so that it appears in XP and what settings to use. YouTube has some other videos besides those - search for "camstudio stereo mix".

  • Hi Terry,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I cant seem to find the post you mentioned. Can you give the link to the video series please?

  • Thank you :)

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