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"CamStudio could not record the AVI file using the current compressor. Use default compressor?"
  • I get this using Xvid. It doesn't always happen. If I screw with the quality slider, eventually It will record. I did notice this happening after I installed the DIvx package. I wouldn't think Divx would be a problem, however. Any ideas what this might be and how to fix it?
  • This usually come as a result of the width and height not being even numbered values. An odd-numbered width or height will not work. Divx actually requires a width that is divisible by 4, in fact. Xvid only wants them both divisible by 2.

    I use Region/Fixed Region to ensure my size is right.

  • Well, that was it. I'm glad it was an easy fix. Which makes sense for both because Divx was doing the same thing. So I'll be using the Fixed Region from now on. Thank you, I appreciate the help.
  • pfcande,

    Good to hear!

  • I've had the same problem while trying to use the jawror xvid 720 that you recommended Terry.

    It looks like the /2 does indeed solve it
  • Mike5,

    Yes indeed! :-)


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